Hello friend, my name is Nic.

I was a software engineer with a great career writing open source software that helps tens of thousands of nonprofits. My career was the culmination of a decades of learning and effort, and I was well paid and well respected.

The only problem was that I was miserable. I burned out, my mental and physical health in shambles from stress, a toxic corporate environment, and a gnawing sense of meaninglessness. I had achieved my life goals and was worse off for it.

I have been a Buddhist meditation practitioner in daily life for over a decade and attended months of cumulative silent retreats, yet the fruits of that practice only really began landing in my being when I began incorporating the parts work using Internal Family Systems in combination with Buddhist heart practices.

The symbiosis of parts work and Buddhist heart practice has impacted me profoundly, leading to rapid transformation of my life inside and out. From anxiety to ease. From depression to love. I then discovered Aletheia, a fourth generation coaching methodology that seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, providing the most rapid and enduring transformation I’ve experienced.

I found my calling in helping others integrate their unprocessed experiences, to remember themselves experientally as fundamentally whole and deeply interconnected with everything. I’m now an Aletheia coach, authorized to teach Buddhist heart practices by Stephen Snyder in the lineage of Pa Awk Sayadow. I’m also a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity and abide by their Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

If you’re interested in meditation practice and you want an empathetic, attuned, and knowledgable guide to help you navigate life’s unfolding, please reach out. I’d love to get to know you.


“After years of trying different meditation and therapy techniques, my Aletheia sessions with Nic are the only thing I’ve found that allows me to change old stuck patterns in significant ways. I’m continually surprised by how quickly Nic guides me into deep states where things I’ve wrestled with for years shift and unfold naturally. And most importantly, these shifts translate into real changes in my behavior and emotions in daily life.” - Matt B.

“My partner referred me to Nic as an Aletheia Coach, and I could not be more grateful. What an incredible gift. Nic is not only an accomplished meditator, but he is also a genuinely beautiful human being. I look forward to our meetings every week. We have worked through some pretty heartbreaking experiences and he is masterful at holding space, coaching me into the parts of myself that I had always pushed into the recesses of my consciousness. My heart has opened back up in all directions and I can only attribute that to the work and practice that I do with Nic. There are not enough words to describe the impact he has had on my life.” - Ali W.

“Nic and I met in an online Dharma group several years ago, when I was struggling with my path in life and my place in the world. Nic has taught so much about my emotions and my inner processes over the years, but I’ve noticed a profound shift in his presence since he began working with the Aletheia method. Nic graciously invited me to share in the joy and insight that stem from combining parts work with the Dharma. I cannot express how much it means to me to have a teacher and friend like Nic. Our sessions together are always non-judgmental, open, honest, and trusting. I have never felt so safe and appreciated for who I am. Most importantly, I’m learning to love myself and use that love to change my life for the better.” - Collin G.


Sliding Scale: $100-$200 per session

Please consider paying at the highest rate that you can afford. Your generosity supports practitioners with limited finances. If this work calls to you and the rates are outside of your current ability to pay, let me know.